First Garden Share of 2015

Welcome to Calico Farm’s 2015 Season

Week One Garden Shares

Veggie ComicThank you all for making this Iowa City neighborhood farm a reality! This is our second season and I’m glad the waiting for it is over! Goodbye office job, hello sunscreen.

Garden Shares start today and distributions will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the season. Your share will be available each week on the day you signed up for. If you have a question or concern about your delivery or pick-up please let me know.

These early weeks are going to be mostly green and leafy as that’s the season we’re in. What to expect this week: spring garlic, spinach, romaine lettuce, radishes, dill, and mint.

I have also included garlic mustard I foraged from the timber.

Today was a chaotic day that began with me discovering my computer had a virus and I spent much of the morning recovering my garden plan spreadsheet, and a lifetime of pictures of my boys. Soooo, I haven’t put together any recipes for you this week. However, here are some ideas for how to use a few of the items:

Spring Garlic–This has a bright and fresh flavor. They are exceptional in eggs or pasta.  The flavor isn’t as strong as garlic so they don’t overpower a dish. Use the bulb and first couple inches of greens. I chopped them and added them to wilted greens last night and it was dreamy.

Garlic Mustard–This is an invasive plant that chokes our woodlands. I love harvesting it because it’s delicious *and* I feel like I’m helping out my timber and the native species when I pull the whole plant out by the root after plucking the tender leaves. Add a gentle garlic flavor and a pop of green by using garlic mustard in your favorite pasta with white sauce.

Dill & mint– Pick the hottest day in the coming week and make some open-faced finger sandwiches of rye bread with lowfat cream cheese sprinkled with dill. Use the mint to make your first mojito of the season; or steep the mint for a few hours in water, add ice and enjoy your crisp mint tea. Lovely combo with lots of flavors for an evening on the patio.

I wash much of the produce (spinach, radishes, spring garlic), and rinse some (mint, romaine). Some things I won’t wash because it reduces their quality and the water will quicken aging. Please always wash your vegetables before using them even if I have. Also, please properly cool your vegetables. Clean out the crisper drawer and put your veggies there.

Finally, a note about the season. It’s scheduled for 17 weeks. I’ve already decided I’m not happy with that as the first few weeks are always light boxes and I know I’ll have ample veggies in the fall. So, expect at least one more week in the fall and most likely 2-3 weeks longer into the fall.

Thanks again and see you soon!


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