Our Farm

Calico Farm is Iowa City’s Northside neighborhood farm.

Calico Farm is tucked away in the woods in Iowa City where we have
created a market garden so we can grow good food for people who live nearby.

Iowa City residents have easy access to local food through our Garden Share Memberships, at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays), or with a call to place a custom order.

Farming Practices

Calico Farm is a market garden that gets maximum productivity using organic biointensive practices in limited space. We grow for over 20 families and an abundant market stand on one-third of an acre using primarily hand tools and my own energy (fueled mostly by nibbling my way through the garden–a great perk of my job).

Rasied beds have been formed by shoveling many tons of dirt and compost into neat rows angled on the garden’s natural contours which prevents
erosion and allows excess rainfall and snow melt to be absorbed into the beds rather than running off as waste water and causing soil erosion. The permanent beds prevent the need for frequent tilling and provide deeply aerated loose soil for intensive planting so I can grow large amounts of food in a much smaller space than conventional farming with heavy equipment allows.

All of our food is raised using organic practices. Varieties are selected with taste as the number one priority. Other factors such as disease resistance, growing time, and productivity are important secondary considerations.


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